We’ve been making some changes of late, and we’re delighted to announce that GDA Design Limited has joined Lime Marketing Communications and Productions Ltd.

GDA has enjoyed nearly 25 years of success providing strategic communications and media support to businesses and the third sector across the UK and Asia Pacific. Our UK business is excited to now be entering a new era within Lime. This will allow us to bring an even wider range of services and support to our UK clients, including Insight & Strategy, Brand and Brand Development, Experiential, CRM and Training into Activation - as well as the ongoing Design, Communications and Digital Support already provided.

Going forward as Lime, we look forward to maintaining and building on the high levels of support that our GDA clients have come to expect and rely on.

To find out more about Lime, visit www.limemcp.co.uk, or stay in touch by contacting Jo Garner on jog@limemcp.co.uk, 07590 881772.